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About Us

South London Shutters is a small family run shutter business with a strong Carpentry background. The company is run by Josh, a fully qualified Carpenter with 14 years experience.

South London Shutters is a family business in every sense. We've created a team of like minds including friends and family. But more importantly, we have the shared values, mutual respect and customer ethos you only find in a close-knit, owner-managed business like ours.

We are passionate about providing the best product on the market. Our shutters are manufactured by the largest, most technically advanced plantation shutter manufacturer in the world. We have built a strong partnership with their team, who are equally committed to quality and choice for the consumer. They use state of the art, advanced manufacturing techniques, coupled with that hand-finished touch to produce the best shutters available globally.

All our Shutters are market leading with beautiful hand crafted finishes to ensure you are getting the ultimate shutter. All our shutters come with a 5 year warranty.

Areas covered - London | Surrey | Kent | Sussex | Hertfordshire